An Evening at Laroy


As the sun sets over Stockholm and the city’s street lights come on, a part of the capital continues to thrive. For those seeking an unforgettable night out, the city offers many gems, but few places are as versatile and popular as Laroy. In the same building, we also find the intimate and cherished nightclub WC, as well as the historic pub Svarta hästen, making this address a central point for Stockholm’s nightlife.

Laroy is not just a place; it’s an experience. With its elegant decor and vibrant atmosphere, Laroy welcomes anyone looking for an exclusive night out. If you want to start the evening with a drink, there’s a wide selection of innovative cocktails at the bar. The bartenders at Laroy are more than just mixologists; they are artists eager to create new sensations. With a constantly updated menu, you can be sure to find something unique that appeals to your taste.

For those who desire a more secluded dining experience, Laroy offers its charming “chambre séparée”. Here, guests can enjoy a delicious meal in a private and intimate setting, perfect for special occasions or business dinners. Here you can make requests for food and decor, and we will then tailor the evening accordingly. All to create a memorable evening together with you.

Laroy is also known for its ability to organize and host various types of events and functions. From corporate parties to private celebrations, the team behind Laroy has the expertise to customize each event to exceed guests’ expectations. Whether it’s live music, DJs playing the latest hits, or themed nights, there’s always something happening that attracts a wide audience.

For those wishing to continue the night, the nightclub WC is located in the same building. WC is situated one floor down and is a smaller, more intimate club that has quickly become popular. Here, the latest hits are mixed with classic tracks in a lively atmosphere that makes you want to dance until the early hours.

Before the night turns into dance and celebration, a visit to Svarta hästen is recommended. For those who appreciate a more relaxed atmosphere or perhaps want to challenge their friends to a game of chess, this chess bar offers the perfect starting point for the evening.

Planning a night out in Stockholm can involve many choices, but for those who choose to spend it at Laroy, WC, and Svarta hästen, a multifaceted experience awaits that combines the best of food, drink, dance, and companionship. It’s a trio of establishments that together offer everything one could wish for an unforgettable night in the capital.

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