Meet our incredible bar manager, Oscar. He has worked in bars for many years and is now at one of his dream places. Read on to learn more about Oscar, Laroy, and the new drink menu.

Hello Oscar, nice to meet you! Tell us, who are you and what do you do?

I’m 27 years old, born and raised in Eskilstuna. I moved to Stockholm after receiving a bartender training as a graduation present. Since then, I’ve worked in bars ranging from sports bars and nightclubs to high-end establishments, and now, I’m at Laroy, which I’m so happy about.

What does a typical workweek look like for you, and what do you find most enjoyable about your job?

On a regular workweek, I’m behind the bar every evening from Thursday to Saturday. The most enjoyable aspect of my job, I would say, is the atmosphere, seeing guests enjoying themselves, and the camaraderie within the team. Another thing I like is always trying to keep everything organized, clean, and tidy, no matter how busy we are.

Describe the drink menu at Laroy.

The drink menu consists mostly of forgotten classics, many ‘guilty pleasures.’ Drinks for everyone!

What is your favorite drink from the menu, and why?

Smoky Pineapple. An unorthodox Margarita variation with Vodka, grilled pineapple, and agave.

For those who haven’t visited Laroy, how would you best describe the experience?

I would say Laroy is the perfect ‘sweet spot’ between a cocktail bar and a nightclub. An incredibly beautiful venue with well-crafted drinks in a lively environment. The venue and the entire building have actually been a favorite and a future dream since I moved to Stockholm.

If you could only use one type of spirit to make cocktails for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Gin! It’s the spirit I appreciate the most, and probably the spirit you can make the most cocktails with as well.

What do you prefer to do on a day off?

On my days off, I like to eat and drink well. But I also enjoy watching football (DIF) or Formula 1.

Finally, what does your ideal weekend look like?

Sleep in, then a walk around Djurgården, ending with a hot dog at Bruno’s Korvbar. A swim at Sturebadet that gets me excited for a pre-dinner drink at Röda Huset before having dinner at Godot. The evening ends by hanging out at Laroy and then Spy Bar until closing.